RGB Garden

Studio NminusOne with Nashid Nabian

Posted on Sunday, November 21st, 2010 at 1:48 am

The garden consists of 850, 6”x6”x6” algae photo bio-reactors. Half machine half alive, these are plant cyborgs.

The reactors sequester carbon dioxide with an efficiency far exceeding a tree. Each reactor opportunistically finds energy using ground, wind, or solar harvesting technologies. During the day, energy is captured and stored from these various sources depending on the weather conditions. During the night, it is released as artificial light, extending the algae’s growth cycle past the day’s sunlight hours. The algae’s growth is artificially accelerated/augmented beyond its natural rate. The pattern of illumination reflects the energy source it was powered by, Green = Earth (moisture), Blue = Wind, and Red = Sun (Fire). The garden becomes a map, a visual recording of the day’s weather conditions. During the course of the festival, the garden will be in constant flux, the algae will visibly grow at different rates daily, changing in density and depth of color offering a new experience every day.

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