RAD Workshop: Archibots

Robots That Build Architecture

Posted on Monday, May 30th, 2011 at 4:31 am

The Archibots workshop is now taking place June 3rd & 4th.

Smart cars, smart homes, smart phones, smart clothes, smart coffee makers… As the objects around us become increasingly intelligent, they become more than just tools at our disposal, but rather, key collaborators in our daily activities.

Conscious of this collaboration, the RAD team in association with the Robotics Department invite students, professionals and enthusiasts in robotics, engineering and architecture to a workshop that investigates the potential for robots to build (or destroy) environments. Beginning by developing a taxonomy of existing robots, this collaborative design workshop will result in interdisciplinary teams experimenting with robots that can build and design environments. Each robot’s capabilities and limitations will determine the structures they can build and vice versa. This workshop will equally challenge approaches in both robotics and architecture. Every team will be part architect, engineer and robot.

All produced content will culminate towards a future RAD publication.

Special Guest Bios:

Marc Böhlen

Marc Böhlen is an artist-engineer based in Buffalo, Toronto and Zürich. He offers technology support, the kind of support technology really needs. Marc Böhlen is on faculty in the Department of Media Study, at the University at Buffalo. More at: www.realtechsupport.org

Norman White

Norman White is a Canadian New Media artist and a pioneer in experimenting with kinetic electronics and robotics in art. His works can be found at such collections as the Nation Gallery of Canada, Vancouver Art Gallery and Art Gallery of Ontario. White has taught at the Integrated Media Program at the Ontario College of Art & Design and currently teaches at the School of Image Arts at Ryerson University. More at: www.normill.ca

Workshop Schedule:

LOCATION: Room 106 and PCL conference room, 230 College st, Toronto
DATE: June 3, 4

Below is a break down of the two day workshop:

June 3rd, 12-5pm

12:00-1:00 pm:

1:00-2:00 pm:
Introductory presentations / meeting the team / launching thoughts: Marc Bohlen (Real Tech Support), RAD Team and more TBD.

2:00- 5:00pm:
Review of information gathered by RAD (Package will be sent out a few days prior).
Collective discussion and framing of subject

June 4th, 10am-6pm

10:00 am:

Break up into groups of about 4-5 people. Each team to develop 10 ideas.


Each team will present their ideas
Discussion of each groups findings
Select viable trajectories of research

Celebrate with snacks, drinks, etc.

June 5th (OPTIONAL), 12-6pm

We will work to further to refine each chosen proposal. Anyone that’s available and would like to help with this process is welcome to attend.

Space is limited. Please fill out the form below to register for attendance.

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