Studio NminusOne with Don Shillingburg

Posted on Sunday, November 21st, 2010 at 1:41 am

//The project proposes an inverted McMansion that in its final act of over-consumption ingests its own rear yard. However this act leads to its own survival//

The ingested yard now becomes an activated organic machine for the harvesting and filtration of a single body of water that is perpetually recycled in a semi-closed system. The original pitched roofs made for shedding water are now accidentally reconfigured to collect water, and harvest energy. The newly ingested yard/lawn becomes a lush living filtration system cleaning grey and black water for reuse, while offering an edenic garden for its inhabitants. Eden is sustained by the bathroom; the site of human waste disposal becomes the site of production, providing the necessary nutrients for the maintenance of plant and animal life, which in turn clean the water. What was once the exterior of the house is now the most private. The most private moments are experienced in what used to be the outside. Privacy is consistently perceived through the nagging memory of the public.

This project was produced in collaboration with Don Shillingburg and in consultation with Rob Wright for the show “Out of Water”, curated by Liat Margolis and Aziza Chaouni.

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