Dual State Room

Studio NminusOne

Posted on Sunday, November 21st, 2010 at 3:26 am

The dual state room can change its appearance. In one instance it can be a warm and sound absorbing walnut wood veneer, and in another a cool reflective yellow fluorescent enamel paint.

The space flip flops between these states responding to light level fluctuations over the course of the day. When the space is too bright the wall adopts the wood side, reducing glare, and offering a feeling of warmth. Conversely, when dark, the wall flips to a highly reflective surface maximizing light levels in dark zones. It is a systematically constructed, deep infrastructure for controlling the most superficial of tectonic conditions., the wallpaper. Here however, the surface takes on the critical role of light modulation. Its cellular construction — the result of the re-appropriation of discarded technology — is capable of responding locally by changing its material qualities depending on the weather, altering in turn the perception of the inhabitant.

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