AI & Design

26 Apr 14

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS // due: August 25, 2014 Various manifestations of Artificial Intelligence and Cybernetic theories have infiltrated art and design since the 1950s. Early experiments included physical explorations of

Studio NMinusOne winner of Emerging Voices award

02 Feb 12

From The Architectural League: Since 1982, the Architectural League’s annual Emerging Voices Award spotlights North American individuals and firms with distinct design “voices” that have the potential to influence the


RAD Workshop: Archibots

30 May 11

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Archibots workshop is now taking place June 3rd & 4th. Smart cars, smart homes, smart phones, smart clothes, smart coffee makers… As the objects around us become


RAD lab launches!

07 Mar 11

For immediate release The University of Toronto, John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design opens Responsive Architecture lab March 8th, 2011, Toronto, Canada. The University of Toronto, John

Mae Shaban International Design Award 2011 winner

03 Mar 11

RAD researcher Mae Shaban is one of 5 winners of the International Design Award 2011. On 1 and 2 March 2011, a panel of high-profile experts judging the 8th International


RAD Forthcoming Publication

17 Feb 11

RAD is pleased to announce a forthcoming publication titled Make Alive, Prototypes for Sentient Architectures. The book features projects developed under the supervision of RAD’s principal designers/researchers: Rodolphe el-Khoury, Christos Marcopoulos,

RAD Goes to MIT Publication

01 Feb 11

Sentient Architectures @Home is now available for download

Diagnostic Tile in Development

26 Jan 11

We team up with Alex and his team at the Intelligent Assistive Technology and Systems Lab

RAD Receives CFI Grant

21 Jan 11

RAD receives Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) grant.

RAD Member Launches MEKA

13 Nov 10

Studio (n-1), Christos Marcopoulos launches modular housing with MEKA team

RAD Goes to MIT

09 Sep 10

RAD projects serve as models for responsive systems developed in a studio led by Rodolphe el-Khoury