Breeze-Thru Wall

Arthur Tseng*

Posted on Sunday, November 21st, 2010 at 3:31 am

This project explores the potential for ventilation and heat recovery to be integrated within a performative building module. As an alternative to the fully sealed and insulated house, the modules provide permeable walls.

The wall consists of modules acting as air intakes that lock together for structural integrity. The modules are part of an overall envelope system of exchanging and recovering indoor heat. Each module is a funnel designed to capture incoming air efficiently. The air is then held within a copper tubing for heat exchange before entering the interior wall. The cycle of hot and cool air from exhaust and intake provides constant ventilation and recovery.

The HRV unit is at the scale of the house to be run constantly in accordance to exterior wind conditions. The module, along with the heat recovery cycle, can be reversed as prevailing wind changes; the two exterior funnel-shaped faces of the module act as both intake and exhaust openings. The heat recovery cycle is to be a forced air that runs on a loop around the envelope of the house, carrying the necessary heat and cold to be exchanged with each module.

*Guided by: Carol Moukheiber and Christos Marcopoulos

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